About Us

A seed is planted

After embracing plant-based nutrition, Chef Clayton put his natural talent for combining flavors and perfect seasonings to work. Going meat and dairy-free was made easier by his uncanny ability to present dishes that are delectable and satisfy even the most ardent omnivores. When friends and family kept remarking that they couldn't believe his meals were vegan, he wanted to share these dishes with others. Now we have hundreds of "one bite believers!"

Vegan Cooking as a Passion
Vegan Burrito Bowl

Can't Believe It's Vegan...sprouts

When Chef Clayton and his wife, Kim, started the business, it focused on food delivery, special events, and catering. After a few years, including during a global pandemic, hundreds became "one bite believers," and CBIV started searching for a storefront location. The restaurant landed in Westerville, Ohio, also the longtime home of its owners.

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